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Hello! My name is Matthew Morne Allison and I was born on the 24th of July 2002, I am a kind and understanding person. My hobbies are swimming, hiking, drawing and gaming which is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy technology. I have these traits because of the care and support from family and friends that I have surrounded myself with over my short but eventful life so far. I am a hard worker and because of the type of person I am, I have worked in a few places throughout my life. For example as a children's church leader where we taught younger age groups about God and the religion.

When my passion for coding started

My passion for the tech industry started when my father used to explain to me how he built a computer from scratch and how he wanted to learn "the language of a computer". I thought he was crazy at that age but after a few years and being a gamer I wanted to switch to pc so I decided to do some research and the things I discovered blew me away. I was going to attend The Animation School this year but because of the lack of funds, I was directed to this school, Life Choices Academy. Now I am still building my skills and hope that I can achieve my dreams one day.


Work History

Funky Lemon (currently)

Funky Lemon is a casting agency for actors/extras in adverts or films, I still take part in these films/adverts when they require someone.

Hillsong Church Volunteer (kids program) (2017-2019)

I was a volunteer at Hillsong Church every Sunday for 2 years working with children and teaching them about the Bible.

Gottlieb Construction (part-time)

I was a casual worker at Gottlieb Construction the company my step-father owns and will probably work there when they need me.

Pick n Pay Plumstead (February 2021-June 2021)

I worked at Pick n Pay plumstead, once I started my lessons I decided to work weekends till ultimately leaving completely to focus on my studies

Skills and Education


Matric (2016 - 2020)

Rosebank Progress College






Business Studies

Life Orientation


Character design/drawing(currently)



Drawing fundamentals

Story telling

Pencil control

Dynamic poses

Style development

Drawing body forms

Drawing faces


My Projects


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Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa

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064 558 7415

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